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Henry Gonnet is a British/French artist currently based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK.

His artworks are an exploration of binary ideas; seated at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, navigating the space between chance and control. Through a creative coding process he refers to as "generative score writing" he builds systems that play with cause and effect.

He has exhibited widely throughout England - from as far North as BALTIC 39 in Newcastle, to as far South as the Leadenhall Building in London. In 2019 he was shortlisted for the Aon Community Art Award, and in 2018 he project managed the show that won Free Range art week's award for Best Collective.

Gonnet's practice encompasses generative computer art, drawing, sound, installation, and performance.



BxNU Institute, Master of Fine Art MFA -- 2018 - 2020

Leeds Arts University, Fine Art BA(hons), First-Class honours -- 2015 - 2018


Selected Exhibitions

I Can't Believe It's Not Better @ (online exhibition) -- 2020

DUET(?) @ Abject Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England -- 2019

Encounter @ Pineapple Black, Middelsbrough, England -- 2019

Lemonade @ BALTIC 39, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England -- 2019

Encounter @ Ustinov College, Durham University, England -- 2019

Zip @ Vane Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England -- 2019

Aon Community Art Award @ Leadenhall Building, London, England -- 2018/2019

Syzygy @ Free Range art week, London, England -- 2018

Syzygy @ Leeds Arts University, Leeds, England -- 2018

Are We Nearly There Yet? @ Leeds Arts University, Leeds, England -- 2018

DRAW @ Thought Foundation, DRAWING North East Drawing Biennale 2017, Gateshead, England -- 2017/2018

Y Tho @ Brunswick Court, Leeds, England -- 2017

Crime World (with David Steans and non) @ The Tetley Gallery, Leeds, England -- 2017

Ones 2 Watch @ Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Farsley, England -- 2017

CMYK @ Regent Street, Leeds, England -- 2016



Shortlisted for the Aon Community Art Award -- 2019

Free Range art week, Best Collective -- 2018

Shortlisted for the People's Choice Award, Sunny Bank Mills Gallery -- 2017



Review, Crime World (David Steans and non), The Tetley, Leeds -- 2017.



'Lecture Theatre', by David Steans & Hardeep Pandhal; credited as actor and contributor to script -- 2018.